(1) Generative

Each Striker has a unique name, background, and personality. Currently, there are 16 types of Strikers, with a total of 216 different appearances.

(2) Energy Remaining

The Energy Remaining indicates the remaining number of available match participations.

The charging cost for energy is as follows. The more energy you charge at once, the lower the price becomes.

(3) Menu Button

You can choose actions for the Striker through the menu button. The currently available features are as follows:

  • Energy Charge

  • Additional Level Up

  • Striker Fusion

  • Parameter Redistribution

  • List on the Marketplace

(4) Parameters

Strikers have four types of parameters: OFFENSE, DEFENSE, STAMINA, and PHYSICAL. These parameters influence the outcome of matches.

Total Parameters for Each Rarity
(5)Unallocated Parameters

When you obtain allocatable parameters through redistribution or term changes, the detailed screen of the striker will display the amount of allocatable parameters.

(11)Favorite Parameter

Each striker has one favorite parameter, and Favorite Parameter Buff is always applied.

(6) Striker Type

Each striker has a type. When there are strikers with a friendship relationship in the team, a combo is triggered, and special team policies become available.


Demon x Ancient Species

Warrior x Dwarf

Fighter x Flight

Magician x Cube

(7) Rarity

Strikers have six levels of rarity: Junior, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The rarity level affects parameters and the rewards that can be obtained.

(8) Weather

Strikers have favorite and dislike weather conditions, and the weather during a match affects the striker's performance.

(9) Level

Levels range from 1 to 10, and as the level increases, skills are unlocked. The maximum level achievable through experience points awarded after a match is level 5.

*Outside of rarity grade upgrades through fusion, the level does not decrease.

Additional LvUP

By spending MATIC, you can perform additional Level Up to reach Level 10. After a Level Up, there is a 24-hour cooldown period. For detailed costs, please refer to this sheet.

(10)Luck Value

Each Striker starts with a Luck value of 1, and when Fusion occurs, the Luck values of the Strikers are combined. A higher Luck value increases the chances of receiving loot from treasure chests and the probability of scoring own goals.

Super Luck Mode

When the striker's Luck value reaches 10, they enter Super Luck Mode. In this state, with a significantly increased Luck value, they can participate in a certain number of matches.

For more details, please refer to the Super Luck Mode .

(12) Striker Skills

Each Striker comes with unique skills. As a Striker's level increases, additional skills become available. The featured Strikers for each term have access to all skills regardless of their level.

Skill Inheritance

After Fusion, you can choose one skill from the Sub Striker to inherit.

*A Striker can only possess up to one inherited skill.

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