Treasure Chest

You can earn various rewards from the chests obtained after matches. There are three types of chests: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The higher the rarity of the strikers in your deck, the higher the probability of dropping a higher-grade chest.

*If the home screen chest slots are full, chests will not drop after matches.

Treasure Chest Unlock

To open the chests stored in the chest slots, it takes time corresponding to their rarity.


  1. Select the chest you want to open from the chest slots and start the timer.

  2. After the timer ends, the chest becomes available for opening.

  3. Open the chest to receive rewards.

Timer Shortening

You can reduce the time it takes to unlock chests by spending MATIC. The cost to shorten the timer is as follows:

  • Bronze Capsule: 1 MATIC

  • Silver Capsule: 1.5 MATIC

  • Gold Capsule: 3 MATIC

Treasure Chest Drop Probability

The probability of chest drops is determined by the Base Probability assigned to each Striker's rarity. The chest drop probability is calculated as table below.

Chest Drop Probability = Total of (Base Probability + Luck Value/2) of Strikers in the deck

Earning Rewards and Drop Probabilities for High-Grade Chests

The rewards obtained from high-grade chests are broadly categorized into the following three types:

  1. Capsules

  2. Items

  3. Coach Points

For detailed information on the rewards obtained from high-grade chests and the drop probabilities for various chests, please refer to the corresponding sheet.