How to Decide a Winner

Match Flow

  1. The opponent is randomly selected from players whose total parameters of strikers (including unallocated parameters) before buffs are similar.

  2. Once the opponent is determined, the Final Parameters (FP) after buffs are decided.

  3. FP is calculated for each half, and xG (shot success probability) is determined.

  4. Every striker takes at least one shot.

  5. Depending on the probability of earning additional shots, you can obtain a maximum of one additional shot in each half. The striker with the highest xG takes the additional shot.

  6. The team with the highest total score in both halves wins.

*Striker skills, item effects, and triggering additional shots occur separately in the first and second halves. You can acquire a maximum of one additional shot in each half.

Numerical Factors Influencing Outcome Determination

  1. OP (Offense Power): Influences xG (shot success probability).

  2. DP (Defense Power): Influences xG (shot success probability).

  3. SC (Shot Chance): Influences the probability of obtaining additional shots.

  4. WR (Weakness Rate): Influences the weakening of parameters in the second half.

Term Data

The numerical values and calculation methods influencing the outcome determination and shot success rate will be changed every term. Details will be disclosed on the Discord term-data channel 24 hours before the term switch. Information will also be displayed on the in-game information screen.

In the case of a tie

If the match result is a tie, a penalty shootout (PK) will take place. The leaders of both teams will take shots against each other to determine the winner. When a penalty is successfully scored, it is not added to the shot count, but one point is added.

※ In penalty shootouts, the shot success rates of both leaders will be the same.

Match Result Details

On the detailed match results screen, you can check the information as shown in the following image.

Review the performance of your strikers and check the information about the opposing team to devise strategies for future matches!

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