Official Match

Let's use tickets to join Silvus' main event, the official match!


  • Participation in official matches requires tickets.

  • In official matches, rewards for winners increase, and rewards for losers decrease compared to practice matches.

  • Winners will always receive LUMP equal to or greater than the ticket cost used for official match participation. However, there is a possibility that the rewards granted to winners may vary significantly even among the winners.

Event Schedule

Official matches are held on Saturdays during Rounds 2 and 4. You can enter the official matches for Round 2 during the preparation period of Rounds 1 to 2, and for Round 4 during the preparation period of Rounds 3 to 4. ※ Participation through pre-deployment is also possible for official matches.


In official matches, participants with similar total parameters of the four strikers (including unallocated parameters) before buffs are matched against each other. Once the opponent is determined, the outcome is decided following a process similar to practice matches.


  • Practice Match Reward (LUMP)

  • Official Match Reward (LUMP)

  • Treasure Chest

  • Experience Points

*The jackpot winning probability increases in official matches.

For detailed information on official match rewards, please refer to the following text.

Official Match Reward

In official matches, you can earn more LUMP in addition to what is obtainable in practice matches. Winners receive a Winner Bonus on top of the LUMP equal to the ticket cost required for official match participation.


By consuming tickets, you can participate in official matches. The required number of tickets for official match participation varies based on the TP (total parameters of the four strikers before buffs).

The detailed pricing and standard quantities of tickets are as follows: *Prices and standard quantities may be subject to change based on market conditions.

  • Price: 0.1 MATIC per ticket

  • Standard Quantity: Tickets x TP

Example: If TP is 500, the standard quantity of tickets would be 500. *Ticket prices and standard quantities are subject to change in the future.

Selection Multiplier

The number of tickets consumed for official match participation can be selected from the following multipliers, with the standard quantity set as 1.0:

  • x1.0

  • x2.0

Example: If TP is 500, the standard quantity of tickets is 500. If a multiplier of x1.0 is selected, the required ticket quantity would be 500.


The bonus reward granted to winners in official matches is determined based on the LUMP Pool. The LUMP Pool, accumulated during each round, is shared among all the winners. *The size of the LUMP is determined based on the number of participants staking in the official match.

Bonus Ratio

The LUMP Pool is distributed according to predetermined bonus ratios for each tactic. For example, if the bonus ratio for a Side Attack is 30%, winners who staked in Side Attack will share 30% of the LUMP Pool.

OMP (Official Match Power)

Winners within each tactic share bonus rewards based on the OMP share ratio. The calculation formula for OMP is as follows:

OMP = (FP x Selection Multiplier) ^ k k = 1.1

Winner Bonus Determination

The Winner Bonus is determined by the following formula:

(Winner Bonus) = (LUMP Pool) x (Bonus Ratio) x (your OMP) / (Total OMP within the tactic)

The higher your team's parameters, the more the OMP share ratio increases, leading to an increase in the potential Winner Bonus. Identify tactics with a high bonus ratio and fewer participants to win, aiming to maximize rewards!

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