Prediction Event

Predict the win rates for each tactic and earn LUMP!


The prediction event takes place every Wednesday.

Basic Rules

  1. Players who receive rewards within 24 hours after the conclusion of each Wednesday match are eligible to participate.

  2. Participants predict the win rates for three selected tactics from players who chose them in the participating matches and spend participation fees.

  3. If the predictions are correct, players can earn more than the participation fees in LUMP. *The size of rewards may vary significantly based on the number of winners.

Paticipation Cost

Participation Cost for the Prediction Event vary for winners and losers.


Players can choose from 50%, 75%, and 100% of the match reward (excluding the jackpot).


Players can choose from 1000 LUMP, 1500 LUMP, and 2000 LUMP.