Achievement Bingo Event

Event Duration

Every week from Friday to Sunday, Bingo Event will be held for three days. Aim for bingo and claim rewards.

※ Players who have not completed the Tutorial Bingo cannot participate in the Achievement Bingo Event.

Bingo Card

A 3x3 Bingo card is assigned numbers corresponding to the achievements. As you clear achievements, the corresponding squares on the Bingo card will be filled.

How to Participate:

  1. Tap "Bingo Event" during the event period.

  2. Check the details and rewards of the achievements.

  3. Clear achievements to complete a Bingo and submit the card.

  4. Reward Acquisition

※ Submitting the Bingo card will reset it if any of the Bingo squares are still empty.

Submission Limit

You can only use it during the Bingo Event period. You can submit the Bingo card up to three times during the event period. From the fourth submission onwards, you can submit it by consuming 200 LUMP.

※ Achievements cannot be achieved outside the Bingo Event period, but Bingo cards can still be submitted.

Achievement Content Change

You can change the content of the achievements listed on the Bingo card by consuming 100 LUMP.

※ Changing the achievement content will reset the Bingo card if any of the Bingo squares are still empty.


You can earn rewards by completing Bingo and submitting the card. The more Bingos you complete, the more luxurious rewards you can obtain.

The rewards and their probabilities for each Bingo count are as follows.

*The number of available item slots that can be unlocked is one. The slot unlocking period consists of 18 rounds, including the round in which the slot is unlocked. If you win the reward for unlocking the item while the second item slot is unlocked, the unlocking period will be overwritten, and a new unlocking period of 18 rounds will be established, including the round when the reward is obtained for the second time.

*Reward types and probabilities are subject to weekly changes.

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