What is MetaStrikers?

MetaStrikers is empowering gamers with play-to-earn NFT soccer strategic game with the vision to combine both the uniqueness of GameFi and the potential to solve social challenges, creating a harmonious synergy between the two. Experience a user-centric blockchain game with a DAO-like structure, while maximizing rewards with healthy tokenomics.

Keisuke Honda, Japanese star soccer player and investor who founded Dreamers VC with Will Smith, has drawn to the vision and joined the team as general manager.

Join their revolutionary platform and let's enjoy together!


Here, far in the sky, in a space invisible to human eyes, is the developed city of "Silvus".

There exists a plasma with enormous energy here, and only the richest people on each planet are allowed to set foot in it.

The wealthy people of Silvus, starved for entertainment, gathered unique strikers from various planets out of their desire to watch the most popular sport on earth, soccer.

Each striker has an unspoken past and needs to get "$LUMP", Silvus' reserve currency, for his or her personal reasons.

Form your own team and win more matches to move up through the top rank and get more $LUMP than anyone else!

Utility Token : $LUMP

Who are the Strikers?

Strikers are a different race of people who were originally born and grew up on their home planets. Each has its own characteristics, and some of them are very unique, such as creatures that can live without breathing and others that can fly.

  • Origin: Each striker is from a different planet.

  • Communication method: English. (Just like humans)

  • Eating habit: Eat and drink like humans. (ramen, beer, etc.)

  • Housing: Lives in a house that is customized to their personalities.

  • Transportation: Basically the same method of transportation as in the real world, but instead of trains, there’re portals in the city that allows them to travel from one place to another.