Basic Rules

Participation in Matches

The basic rules of MetaStrikers are designed to be very simple:

  1. Form a team with four strikers.

  2. Send the team into the match.

  3. Wait until the match is over.

  4. Check the match results.

Match Schedule

Number of Matches per Day

Matches are held four times a day. you can participate in up to three matches per day.

*The participation in up to the second match is free, but to join the third match, you need to spend 0.2 MATIC to unlock the match availability.


A match occurs once per round, and there are four rounds in a day. Within one round, there are two phases: the preparation period and the match period. During the preparation period, teams can be sent into the match, and once the match period ends, the match results can be reviewed.


You can pre-send your team by specifying rounds. You can choose the round for pre-send from within the period up to the fourth round of the next day.

*Sending a team to official matches through pre-send is not possible. *if you pre-send for the matches on the next day, it will consume the available match count for that day.

Procedure for Pre-sending:

  1. Press "START" on the home screen.

  2. Scroll down on the deck screen and press "Pre-send."

  3. Choose the round for which you want to pre-send the deck.

  4. Once the selected round arrives, the pre-sent deck will automatically participate in the match.

Receiving Rewards

If you have multiple matches for which you haven't claimed rewards, press the "RESULT" button. After viewing the results, select the round from which you want to receive rewards, and you can claim them.


  • You can send only one deck for each match.

  • Strikers or items included in decks sent for regular and pre-send cannot be sent to another match.

  • Strikers included in decks with completed pre-sends cannot undergo operations like Additional LvUP.