Team Organization


You can assemble a deck with four strikers to participate in matches. You have the option to create up to four decks.

Deck Rank

The deck is classified into ranks E to SS based on the rarity of the strikers included in the deck. A higher deck rank increases the probability of acquiring higher-grade treasure chests. The deck rank is determined by the following rarity numbers.

*Strikers in Super Rare Mode have their rarity numbers doubled.


You can choose one tactic from the four available tactics.

Team Policy

You can choose one team policy for each half of the game. Powerful team policies are unlocked based on the sum of the rarity numbers in your deck.

*Selecting the same team policy for both halves is not allowed. See details below.

Item Slots

You can equip items in the available slots. The first slot is always open, and as a reward in the Bingo event, you can unlock the second slot.