MetaStrikers' Vision

MetaStrikers has the following vision.

A world where "pursuit of GameFi's uniqueness" and "pursuit of the possibility of solving social issues" are both achieved.

Uniqueness of GameFi

I am a founder of MetaStrikers, Kosuke.

I have played a variety of GameFi.

The ones I have played are the games created by pioneers such as Axie Infinity which are the games of the high road.

When I first started playing GameFi, I only thought "what's so exciting about those" and "it's surprisingly profitable," but as I played more and more, I became fascinated by "GameFi's unique way to have fun" and "the way it thanks players by giving rewards".

I began to divide up the elements of what makes the GameFi unique and fun, and decided that I wanted to create a game that is fun, unique to GameFi, and that has the best possible mechanism for fair rewards.

I believe the following elements are particularly important.

  1. New fun with an incentive to earn.

  2. Mechanisms for rewarding players.

  3. Entertainment value.

We sometimes see statements that entertainment is not wanted in GameFi, but we feel that entertainment plays a very important role in GameFi as well.

If you read the white paper in depth, you will understand why MetaStrikers focuses on those three points above.

Social Contribution

I also recognize that GameFi's "potential" is not limited to that.

When I was in high school, I studied abroad in Canada for a year. The purpose of my study abroad was simply to learn the language.

But this experience was so much more than that for me.

About six months into my study abroad program, I joined a volunteer organization for indigent families. My main activities were taking care of the children of immigrant families in Canada and organizing dinner parties and other events to help the parents earn a living.

I usually saw the children smiling and playing happily, so all I could think was, "What a happy family!"

At first I thought he was just surprised by the knocking sound.

He soon calmed down, but he was acting so strangely that when I asked him why, he said that it brought back memories of the war.

From then on, he told me all the things that happened to him in his past.

I then came to know that there are various real social problems such as "not being able to work and earn money due to lack of family registration", "not being able to live in a comfortable environment due to the war", and "unresolved traumas".

It was a shocking story for me at the time, and the weight of social issues was deeply engraved in my mind.

Then, some time after my return, a GameFi called Axie Infinity was founded.

One of the great and important aspects of Axie is that it is not only a game that you can enjoy, but it has also given a new way to earn money, especially in Southeast Asia, where "the community can enjoy and earn together".

Although a sense of challenges came afterwards, including the crash of the token price and the NFT price, in seeing Axie's existence, we saw not only GameFi's unique enjoyment, but also GameFi's potential in contributing to society.

*The solutions are listed in the "Mission" section, so please take the time to read it.

Of course, we do not believe that we can solve all social issues even if we solve the current problems of GameFi itself.

However, it is also true that we are still giving new possibilities to many people through our games.

We keep challenging to expand the possibility.

Our passion for MetaStrikers

Last but not least, the entire management is willing to put our lives on the line for this project. We would be delighted if you, the readers of this whitepaper, would join us in this endeavor.

We would appreciate your feedback, as we recognize that your help is the most valuable thing we could ever ask for.

We thank you in advance for your support for MetaStrikers!