In the world of MetaStrikers, in addition to rounds, there are concepts such as seasons, terms, and days. *All times are based on UTC.


1 season equals 1 month.

Upon transitioning to a new season, players meeting specific conditions will receive Season Rewards and CP Rewards.

For details, please refer to Rewards and Coach Points (CP).


1 season is divided into two terms: the first half and the second half. The first half term runs from the 1st to the 15th of each month, while the second half term runs from the 16th to the end of the month.

Term Data

Changes to the calculation formula for determining wins and losses, as well as weather forecasts for each match, will be updated every term. Details will be disclosed on the Discord Term Data channel 24 hours before the term change.

During each term, the two designated featured strikers have the following two advantages:

  1. They have access to all striker skills throughout the term.

  2. Regardless of the weather, they are treated as if it were their preferred weather.

As image below, two strikers slide from right to left in the predetermined order for each term.


Daily Tactic

Daily tactic changes every day. When you choose the daily tactic, the parameters of the entire team are strengthened unconditionally. Efficient gameplay can be achieved by organizing decks for each tactic.