Practice Match


Each striker participating in a match consumes 1 energy to take part in a practice match.


  • Practice Match Reward (LUMP)

  • Treasure Chest

  • Experience Points


The Jackpot is triggered at irregular intervals and awards a significant reward to one player among those participating in that round's match, compared to the regular rewards.

Lottery Power

In rounds where the Jackpot is triggered, the winning probability is determined by the lottery power of the teams participating in the match. The lottery power is calculated based on the Jackpot Rarity Numbers as listed in the table below.

*Featured strikers have their Jackpot Rarity Numbers doubled.

Lottery Power = (Sum of the Rarity Numbers of the team)

The calculation formula for the winning probability when the Jackpot is triggered is as follows:

When participating in an official match, the participant's lottery power is further doubled, increasing the chance of winning the LUMP Jackpot.

Winning Probability = (Your Lottery Power) / (Sum of the Lottery Powers of participants in that round's match)