MetaStrikers' Mission

MetaStrikers is driven by three key missions that guide our approach to creating a truly exceptional gaming experience.

"Sustainable Ecosystem Design" "Fair Gameplay" "Pursuit of GameFi's unique fun factor”

Sustainable Ecosystem Design

In traditional GameFi, there were frequent instances of ecosystem collapse due to price crashes caused by excessive token supply. MetaStrikers is designed with a sustainable ecosystem in mind, acknowledging the fact that "money doesn't come from nothing".

Winners and Losers in Matches

The main features, practice matches, and official matches operate on a PvP game design, ensuring the presence of both winners and losers. Generally, winners receive rewards greater than the energy cost required for match participation, while losers earn an amount less than the energy cost.

LUMP Buyback

By utilizing 100% of energy sales for buyback, we aim to stabilize the price of LUMP near the listing price.

Through these mechanisms, token price stability is achieved.

Additionally, by adopting a reward system beyond earning LUMP through matches, we aim to maximize rewards for players who contribute significantly to the project. The specific rewards include the following three types:

  1. Ranking Rewards: Awarded to the top 10 players with the highest number of victories during the season.

  2. Coach Point Rewards: Granted to players who contribute to the project and play games more frequently.

  3. Referral Rewards: Awarded to players who invite friends to MetaStrikers.

Achieving a long-term ecosystem design while maximizing rewards for players is one of the most crucial missions that MetaStrikers aims to accomplish.

Fair Gameplay

Players who master the game and achieve victories can earn larger rewards. Enjoying the game is possible with just the four strikers, and additional token consumption expands the possibilities for even more diverse gameplay.

Pursuit of the Unique Excitement of GameFi

Focusing on the three elements of nurturing, strategy, and luck, we believe that the excitement of mastering the game and earning more rewards is the unique appeal of GameFi.

Moving forward, we will actively incorporate the opinions of community members and collectively strive for the project's advancement as one united community.